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Lower your Mortgage Payments or even Avoid a Forclosure ....with our Loan Modification Services

Modification Services Offered
• Loan Modification or Restructuring
• Reinstatements
• Repayment Plans
• Loan Forbearances
• Short Sales

To get more information and determine which process is right for you. Contact our Loan Modification Specialist for a free consultation Manny Lindo @ 508.207.3777


A Loan Modification is a renegotiation and modification of your current mortgage(s) rate, payment and term. The process is conducted by Advocates who are on your side, not the banks. A Loan Modification is NOT a refinance. There are No closing costs, No appraisal fees and No hidden points added to the balance of your loan.
The principal balance of your mortgage(s) may be reduced, however this will require that you, the property and market conditions all meet your lenders requirements. In such cases homeowners may save thousands in equity. Another difference between a Modification and a refinance is that your credit score is NOT a deciding factor when determining your eligibility for the program.

This program is recommended for those who took high interest fixed rates or adjustable rates because they planned on refinancing into a lower fixed rate in a few years when the property value increased or their credit profile grew stronger. What once seemed like a great plan on how to get into your dream home is now becoming a nightmare. The housing market has crumbled and there is not enough equity to refinance or they simply cannot get approved with the new strict lending requirements. We can help you if this sounds like your scenario. We can help keep you and your family stay in your home and Avoid having to face the foreclosure process.

If you choose, our team of Legal Experts will contact your lender and negotiate your loan for you. You will get a great rate and a payment you can afford. We are dedicated to helping you keep what is still your biggest asset.

Loan Modification-Prequalify Now 

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